General Price Ranges for Repairs


Half-Soles and Heels                                      $40-50

Men's Heels                                                   $10-20

Men's Half-Soles (Rubber or Leather)             $30-40

Ladies Pump Heels                                         $10-14

Shine                                                             $7

Baseball Gloves and Mitts relacing               $10 and up

Polyurethane Work Full Soles                         $55-60

Miscellaneous Sewing                                     $5 minimum

Jacket Zippers                                               $40 and up


Guinn's uses only;

Prime leather for half-soles

Vibram Heels for Work and Westerns

                                     Dean Guinn 1988


Third generation apprentice Kasey Bilodeau learns to replace ladies pump heels while Papoo looks on!


 Steve sewing a purse on old treddle machine March 2012

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